Another four screenshots of 'VCS on PS2' have been posted by French site JeuxActu:




Thanks to Keywz for bringing these to my attention


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"We couldn't recreate the same thing we did on the PSP on the PS2, so unfortunately it's not on it," a PR spokesperson told Eurogamer.


    I questioned the likely hood of the exclusive content being 'solid gold' info or not in the last news post, and I was right to. Rockstar has recently been in contact with Eurogamer, a popular video gaming site, and have said that the PS2 port will bring no such features. Instead; the graphics, draw distance and performance will be improved and the multiplayer modes removed - much like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories' PSP to PS2 port. Read the article here.


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    Details of the PS2 version of Vice City Stories are already oozing, with the savory news that it will include exclusive bonus content; new special missions, new Stunt Jumps, and new extra jobs. A bonus indeed for the non-PSP owners, but is this information solid gold? We'll keep you posted.




    Also ringing in with those fine details, are the first three screenshots of the game on PS2 platform, courtesy of the Official PlayStation US website (see below):



Vice City Stories will be available on the PS2 in North America on March 6, 2007 and in Europe on March 9, 2007. In the meantime, why not kit-out your phone with VCS ringtones & wallpapers from the VCS mobile site?


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    The rumours have been floating around for a while, but now we finally have the truth: GTA: Vice City Stories is making its way to the PlayStation®2. A press release containing the announcement by Rockstar Games, was released today on Take2's website. It is highlighted that the title will be available in North America on March 6, 2007 and on European retail shelves on March 9, 2007. Read the full press release here!


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